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Weekend Warrior Rock Climbing Training Program

We all want to climb harder and better, but many of us struggle with how to train without investing a ton of time and energy. Most of us are weekend warriors who don’t have tons of time or energy to spare. If this sounds like you, then the Weekend Warrior Rock Climbing Training Program is for you. By using this easy to follow, step-by-step program, you will climb 2 letter grades to a number grade harder in 8 weeks or less. So, if you climb 5.9, you will be climbing 5.10. If you climb 5.11a, you will climb 5.11c to 5.12a.

The program was designed for climbers who currently climb in the 5.9 to 5.12a range, and who really want to rapidly improve their climbing ability.

Here is what people who have completed the program said about the effectiveness of the program and the results they got.
Edward L wrote: “Before doing the Weekend Warrior Training Program, I climbed 5.8 trad / boulder v5 and after doing the program I found that I climbed everything much more effectively. As a result of doing the Weekend Warrior Training Program, I found that my mental and physical endurance has improved significantly. The Weekend Warrior Training Program helped me pay attention to little details for better all around endurance (rather then power) to stay mentally and physically fresh, which improved my climbing significantly.”

Aaron L wrote: “When starting this program I already had the strength and skill to climb at the level I wanted to climb at. I was missing the confidence and mental focus to perform at the level I wanted. I needed this program and the encouragement to set my mind to do the climbs I wanted to do. This program helped me focus and increased my determination to be successful in my climbing.”

I ran a test group while developing the product and here is what I found from surveys I did during the test group.
80% of participants said the program increased their confidence.
50% said that the program increased their strength
50% said that it increased their endurance.
85% reached their climbing goal in the first 4 weeks of doing the program.

When you order the Weekend Warrior Rock Climbing Training Program, here’s what you will get:

The Weekend Warrior Rock Climbing Training Guidebook (pdf), which includes training on:

  • Warming up
  • Daily and weekly workout schedules
  • Specific roped and un-roped climbing drills for improved technique, power, and endurance
  • 3 cross-training videos to improve your overall fitness (Arms-Core-Balance, Chest-Back-Core-Balance, Core-Balance)

As a supplement to the Weekend Warrior Rock Climbing Training Guidebook, you will also get:

  • Project Tracker Tool (pdf), which will help you keep track of progress on climbs that you will use to measure your progress.
  • Daily workout and nutrition tracking tool (pdf), which you will use to keep track of your workouts to help keep you on track.

For a limited time, when you purchase the Weekend Warrior Rock Climbing Training Program you will get valuable bonus training material. You will get the Eating Right Guide for Rock Climbers (pdf), which contains information to help you understand how to make better eating choices, which in turn will help you lose fat and improve your climbing performance. This guide will also train you to easily and simply keep track of the amount of food you eat and help you control your food intake to an appropriate level given your gender, age, and size. There are also over a dozen healthy and climber friendly recipes to help you know what to eat to stay on track.

On top of the Eating Right Guide for Rock Climbers, you will also get the Staying Injury Free Guide (pdf), which describes the most common injuries suffered by rock climbers. It provides tips to avoiding these injuries as well as exercises to help you recover in case you suffer an injury.

You get all this training for only $37, which I think is a crazy low-low price for all the valuable training you get with this program. In fact, you would probably pay more than this for one one hour visit with a personal trainer at a climbing gym. This program provides more training information than you would get in ten hours of personal training. Forget that the bonuses alone are worth more than $37 if you purchased them separately.

Besides the outrageously low price, which will likely go up in upcoming weeks, I am so sure that you will be happy with the value of the program, that I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied that you got your money’s worth. How’s that for confidence?

So, what is stopping you? Order the Weekend Warrior Rock Climbing Training Program now. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Once order, you will be able to download all the training materials within a matter of minutes.

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