Rock Climbing and Leadership

rock climbing and leadership

Rock Climbing and Leadership

I’ve been rock climbing for about twenty six years and I’ve led teams of engineers designing complex semiconductor chips for just about as long. While I don’t think I’ve been able to apply any lessons learned in leading people to my rock climbing, I have certainly been able to apply what I learned from rock climbing to leading people, including leading myself.

Just recently I retired from my corporate job as an engineering leader at a Fortune 500 company, so that I could focus on my writing, speaking, guiding, and teaching. I’ve decided that the new focus for the blog on will be to explore the leadership lessons that we climbers take from rock climbing, and how we apply them to other areas of our lives.

Climbing can sometimes feel like or appear to be a selfish pursuit, but I feel it can have tremendous value in our growth and development if we are mindful of the lessons it teaches us. In this blog, I want to focus on these uplifting aspects of climbing. It is my big goal to use what I learn through writing this blog to help others use climbing to grow as human being, and as leaders.

So, here is my request to you. If you know of any climbers (including yourself) who exhibit leadership in non-climbing aspects of their lives, I’d like to connect with them. They may work at a cause, they may lead people, they may be thought leaders, they may be entrepreneurs, they may be active in an organization…You can see I’m using leadership very broadly. I do this so that I can learn from many diverse people and experiences.

What I’d like is a brief description of who they are and what they do, and how I can connect with them via email or phone. Please send this info to

I look forward to bringing you some powerful stories that will inspire and teach.

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