One on one Coaching with Don McGrath
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Are you not making the progress that you want in your climbing?

Have you hit a plateau?

Do you train hard, but don’t see the results you want?

Are mental aspects such as fear, anxiety, or lack of confidence factors in holding you back?

If so, then Don will help you.

  • Clarify your goals so that it is crystal clear what you desire
  • Understand beliefs that are holding you back in your climbing
  • Understand weak spots in your training and your climbing
  • Provide customized training to alter your mindset and your physical capabilities
  • Create a step-by-step path to reaching your goals
  • Celebrate with you when you reach your goals

Here is what one of Don’s coaching clients had to say.

“I really wanted to be able to lead trad 5.9, but I every time I thought about it, I got really nervous. In just a few coaching sessions Don helped me understand some unfounded beliefs that I held that were really holding me back. He helped me understand some simple truths that dispelled these beliefs and helped me develop the mindsets required to confidently lead 5.9.”

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