Steph Davis on Fear – Part 4

The following is the fourth article in a series by Steph Davis with her reflections on Fear.

Taping advice from an expert

The following is an article on the use of tape on climbing finger injuries.

What does climbing success mean?

The following is an excerpt from Don McGrath and Jeff Elison’s best-selling book Vertical Mind. “Something that I have grown to appreciate about rock climbing is that success on a climb does not necessarily mean that you made it to …

Chris Sharma-Why he loves sport climbing

In this article Chris Sharma, one of the best climbers in the world today, shares his why. He shares why he loves the sport and what keeps him jazzed to keep training and cranking hard.

Steph Davis Series on Fear – Part 2

Steph shares more of her thoughts on fear. Good stuff.

Steph Davis Series on Fear – Part 1

In this series of articles, Steph Davis shares her thoughts and feeling on fear. Check it out.

A call to action – be educated about bolt integrity

This is a good article about the growing concern over the safety of old bolts. Get educated and beware of old bolts.

Flash Ascents Have Flash Appeal

The following is an excerpt from Jeff Elison and my book Vertical Mind. Todd Skinner summed it up pretty well. “As with nearly all things in life, accomplishments in climbing do not come without training and preparation. And if they …

What drives us to rock climb?

The following is an excerpt from Jeff Elison and my book Vertical Mind. “It appears as though the joy of accomplishment, which psychologists refer to as “competence motivation,” is very important to climbers in keeping them engaged in and motivated …

The Challenge in Your Mind

To think that we can be consistently mentally strong with no lapses is ridiculous. Adam summarized it well in this quote. Celebrate the challenges you win and learn from your lapses.