Advanced Resting and Recovery Training Videos for Rock Climing

One of the primary reasons that we fail and fall on rock climbs is that we get pumped. This happens when we do not get proper blood flow, and therefore oxygen, to our working muscles. Previously, I shared this training video which shows some basic techniques for improving your climbing endurance.In the video I talk about:

  • Finding rest positions
  • Basic rm shake out techniques
  • A workout I call enduro clips

Check the video out here

I also created this additional training video, which explains:

  • The anatomy and physiology behind why we pump out
  • Why shaking out works.

Find it here

Since I created these training videos, I have come across some more advanced training information that I thought would be useful in your training. I created this advanced resting techniques video to help you incorporate them into your training and really boost your endurance, taking it to the next level. In the video, I introduce

  • A technique for achieving very restful positions than you ever found previously
  • An advanced arm shaking technique that will help you recover even faster and more thoroughly at rest positions

Check it out here

I hope that you can incorporate these techniques into your training so that you can hang on through those pumpy cruxes.

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