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Is Your Ego Your Downfall? The mind is a mysterious yet powerful thing. Yet, unfortunately, it often works against us. In this guest post for Master Rock Climber, I focus on the ego and how it can severely limit you …


I recently read a brief white paper by Gabriele Oettingen who is a professor of psychology at New York University, where she asserts that too much positive thinking is counterproductive. Oettingen feels that there is too much credence given to …


I am Cristina, the owner and creator of Conquer the Crux, a climbing blog dedicated to climbers that are interested in improving their performance through a combination of training, yoga, nutrition, and mindset. I am a fan of Don McGrath …

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Aaron L wroteAaron L wrote
When starting Don's training program I already had the strength and skill to climb at the level I wanted to climb at.  I was missing the confidence and mental focus to perform at the level I wanted.  I needed this program and the encouragement to set my mind to do the climbs I wanted to do.  This program helped me focus and increased my determination to be successful in my climbing.
Edward L.Edward L.
Before doing Don's Weekend Warrior Training Program, I climbed 5.8 trad and bouldered v5 and after doing the program I found that I climbed everything much more effectively. As a result of doing the Weekend Warrior Training Program, I found that my mental and physical endurance has improved significantly. The Weekend Warrior Training Program helped me pay attention to little details for better all around endurance (rather then power) to stay mentally and physically fresh, which improved my climbing significantly.
Derek EDerek E
The Vertical Mind workshop was excellent. It definitely helped me raise my mental game to a new level. I now have a tangible pathway to follow for mental improvement. A few weeks after the workshop, my wife and I went on a trip to the City of Rocks and I was able to put many of the Vertical Mind exercises into practice and climb more confidently than ever before. Thanks again!
Gabi BGabi B
Thank you so much for such a great day on the rock at the mental training workshop. I feel that I really learned a lot. I am really benefiting from establishing a pre-climb routine and focusing on my footwork. I feel that it in addition to improving my climbing technique, it has helped me to stay "in the moment" in my daily life.Thank you so much for putting so much great training into the program!
Emma MEmma M
Thanks again for putting on the mental training workshop. It gave me such confidence, and thus let me utilize the strength I know I have. I was amazed how quickly I saw results and with such little effort! You are a wonderful instructor, being constructive, supportive, and provide a sense of ease. The day after the workshop I went out to Rocky Mountain National Park to boulder, and managed to send my second V6 ever (which was my max grade from last season) and another V5. One week later I sent my first V7! I attribute my rapid improvement to ...