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This post is part of a series that summarize interviews I’ve done with rock climbers who are also leaders in some aspect of their life. I’ve long been a believer that beyond being a fun and challenging pursuit, rock climbing …

This post is the first in a series that summarize interviews I’ve done with rock climbers who are also leaders in some aspect of their life. I’ve long been a believer that beyond being a fun and challenging pursuit, rock …

rock climbing and leadership

Rock Climbing and Leadership I’ve been rock climbing for about twenty six years and I’ve led teams of engineers designing complex semiconductor chips for just about as long. While I don’t think I’ve been able to apply any lessons learned …

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Beth H. wroteBeth H. wrote
Don put on a well thought out clinic that provided clear goals, methods, and immediate practice. I'm leaving with more confidence and stronger climbing skills.
Craig H. wroteCraig H. wrote
Don has some great tips and wisdom on becoming a stronger and smarter climber.
Marshall M. wroteMarshall M. wrote
I have been going about training to break through my climbing plateau all the wrong way! The techniques Don taught me have totally changed that.
Don L. wroteDon L. wrote
I feel like I have a better understanding of the drills I can use during my warm up climbs to tackle my specific weaknesses. Climbing is so much more mental than I was giving it credit for.
Sasha D. wroteSasha D. wrote
The workshop greatly enhanced my understanding of positioning my feet, executing moves without fear of falling, and how to conserve energy. Don broke these down and explain them to a relatively novice climber like me.
David K. wroteDavid K. wrote
Don's clinic gave me several things to work on to improve my climbing. The clinic format took it from theory to actual practice.
Chris F. wroteChris F. wrote
Reading books is a great option, but it lacks  the power of coaching and immediate feedback. I can't overstate the immediate impact of the coaching I got at the clinic. Thank you Don!
Celina M. wroteCelina M. wrote
The techniques and activities in Don's workshop can benefit any climber at any level. Don has a wealth of knowledge to share. I learned a great deal and plan to incorporate these exercises into my training.
Aaron L wroteAaron L wrote
When starting Don's training program I already had the strength and skill to climb at the level I wanted to climb at.  I was missing the confidence and mental focus to perform at the level I wanted.  I needed this program and the encouragement to set my mind to do the climbs I wanted to do.  This program helped me focus and increased my determination to be successful in my climbing.
Edward L.Edward L.
Before doing Don's Weekend Warrior Training Program, I climbed 5.8 trad and bouldered v5 and after doing the program I found that I climbed everything much more effectively. As a result of doing the Weekend Warrior Training Program, I found that my mental and physical endurance has improved significantly. The Weekend Warrior Training Program helped me pay attention to little details for better all around endurance (rather then power) to stay mentally and physically fresh, which improved my climbing significantly.